Switched On Set

General update - what's been going on

Just realised that this site has been criminally overlooked of late, so here's a round-up of what's going on. Just so everyone is still in the loop.

First off, we seem to have been all over the media, from the Daily Telegraph (which described Retro To Go as 'supercool') through to Arena (us commenting on 60s-built housing) and all points in-between. We're always available for a quote if you need one. One-liners are our business.

Aside from that, all ther sites have seen an upturn in traffic (the credit crunch isn't affecting web browsing), especially Switched On Set, which has quadrupled numbers in a couple of months. Some high-profile competitions have come and gone too (The Boat That Rocked right now). If you want to run a competition, get in touch.

Modculture has new writers on-board too - one on Retro To Go, one on Switched On Set and a Modculture news writer. More writers coming soon we hope - watch this space.

And we have a new site as a 'work in progress' - more on that later. I think that's it - over and out!

Switched On Set website launches


We have a problem at Retro To Go - we keep finding really cool art, design, interiors and technology, but as it's not strictly 'retro', we can't feature it. Which is why we have today launched Switched On Set.

Switched On Set will run alongside Retro To Go, offering the a wide selection of art, plus across-the-board design (everything from cars to home appliances and of course, home furniture and furnishings) and the most stylish gadgets and technology. Our first selection of articles are now online and if you want to subscribe to a daily email (like the one offered here at Retro To Go), you can do that too over at the site.

It's the last additional website we will be launching for some time and will not affect Retro To Go in any way. In fact, we expect Retro To Go to get even busier with content in the coming weeks and months.

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