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Retro To Go gets talked up in the Good Web Guide


Not sure what's going on, but Retro To Go is getting a lot of positive feedback this week. Just a day after we were made part of fashion's influential elite, the site has now been flagged up in the Good Web Guide.

You can read Charlie Gladstone's glowing appraisal of the site above. We appreciate the love.

Good Web Guide website

Retro To Go tops Britain's influential fashion bloggers


I find myself moaning about awards constantly, so I can't really start shouting that Retro To Go is one of Britain's most influential fashion blogs. Even though it apparently is.

According to the Most Wanted list, we're part of the 'Fashion 100', but not only that, we're number one, that's numero uno, when it comes to vintage and retro. We knew that anyway, but nice to get it in print.

It was apparently worked out via a 'bespoke algorithm' that takes into account the average number of visitors and considerations of a blog's influence across the web, such as the quantity and quality of sources that have referenced or linked to that particular blog. Anyway, we're top of the tree. And next time, His Knibs will hit the men's one with a vengeance. Trust us.

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Modculture Media on Twitter


Twitter? We're all over it!

If you want to keep up with some of the sites (or me personally) via Twitter, here's the details:

David Walker - for my personal Twitter (which will no doubt include what's happening in broad terms with the sites, should anything interesting come along), you can find that at:

Retro To Go - for all things and more relating to Retro To Go (which was recently picked out as one of the top 10 art and design Twitters), you can find that at:

Modculture - everything relating to the Modculture site, including the latest site news items, can be found at:

Electric Roulette - finally, for all things relating to our (soon to be relaunched) pop culture site, check out:

General update - what's been going on

Just realised that this site has been criminally overlooked of late, so here's a round-up of what's going on. Just so everyone is still in the loop.

First off, we seem to have been all over the media, from the Daily Telegraph (which described Retro To Go as 'supercool') through to Arena (us commenting on 60s-built housing) and all points in-between. We're always available for a quote if you need one. One-liners are our business.

Aside from that, all ther sites have seen an upturn in traffic (the credit crunch isn't affecting web browsing), especially Switched On Set, which has quadrupled numbers in a couple of months. Some high-profile competitions have come and gone too (The Boat That Rocked right now). If you want to run a competition, get in touch.

Modculture has new writers on-board too - one on Retro To Go, one on Switched On Set and a Modculture news writer. More writers coming soon we hope - watch this space.

And we have a new site as a 'work in progress' - more on that later. I think that's it - over and out!

Retro To Go featured in the Independent's Travel magazine


If we say so ourselves, Retro To Go has the best retro hotel and travel section on the web. And we're not the only ones to say it.

The Independent newspaper's Travel magazine recently ran a large feature on retro travel, citing Retro To Go as the place to look for ideas. The article itself is worth a look - and luckily it's online - follow the link below...

Independent retro travel article

Retro To Go enters Technorati Top 10,000

Retrotogoscreen It might not sound a great deal, but Retro To Go has just entered the Technorati Top 10,000 blogs.

Let's put that into perspective - there are several million blogs out there (Technorati alone monitors 112.8 million and says 175,000 re launched every day), all pushing for your time. Retro To Go is one of the top 10,000 in the world and if we're talking UK-based only, probably up there with the best of them.

Technorati's ratings are based on how much influence you carry in the 'blogosphere' - how many times you are mentioned, referred to and linked by other sites. Which means we have some serious influence - and when it comes to retro-related items, probably the most out of anyone.

So what are you waiting for? Send us your stories or products!

Retro To Go site

Introducing the Retro To Go website

Retrotogoscreen_2 Retro To Go was set up less than two years ago - but is already one of the most talked-about news sites on the web.

Updated daily, Retro To Go offers around 10 items or news stories per day, covering everything from architecture and art to fashion and design, not to mention gadgets and technology, books, film, cars, cosmetics, food, sport, travel - in fact anything interesting with a retro edge.

The site has high-traffic and is much talked-about, regularly featured across all media, both online and printed. If you want to know more about Retro To Go or if you want to submit something for consideration, you can contact us at

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