All about the WowHaus website

wowhausThe WowHaus site was set up just under a few years back for one reason only – to feed my passion for interesting property.

I (David) love houses, we love looking for houses, I love talking about houses and I love dreaming about owning houses I see for sale. I know, judging by the WowHaus site traffic and the feedback I get, that I am not alone in this pastime. Interestingly, a lot of site viewers go beyond the dreaming – I’ve heard of various  people actually buying the houses we feature!

As I hinted in the above, the site has gone from a place to feed our house obsession to incredibly popular website in a relatively short time, which I am really pleased about obviously. I have had some notable mentions in the mainstream press too. For example, Channel 4’s 4Homes section has the site listed as one of its ‘Favourite Househunting Blogs’, the Daily Telegraph listed WowHaus as one if its Top 10 property websites for Buying or Selling your home and Eva Wiseman’s column in The Observer mentioned that she would ‘refresh’ daily. Some praise for a site set up as a fun way to talk property and architecture.

Update: The Daily Telegraph has it at number five in its Top 50 Interior Design websites.

Further update: I have been shortlisted for best architecture blog at the Amara Interior Awards 2014. You can find out more about that here.

Another update: In 2015, WowHaus was selected as one of the Top 25 Arts and Culture blogs in the UK by Creative Tourist. One of only three architecture sites listed within it.

2016 update: WowHaus made the top 10 interior design sites at Vuelio. You can see it here.

What has let me down in the past was a design set up in an hour one cold winter afternoon. I have now taken steps to update that design, making sure I don’t lose the usability of the old design (which I know a lot of you like). Hopefully you like what you see, as well as the ease in which you can now browse the site and interact with me and other visitors to WowHaus.

The site hasn’t changed in content though. I still feature interesting houses on an almost daily basis, whether they are period, art deco, modernist, midcentury, contemporary, renovation projects or downright quirky. I am based in the UK (near Manchester in fact), but I feature houses from overseas too, so everyone is welcome in. If you see a house, let me know. I love to hear from you.