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Companies and PRs - fancy engaging with us just a little bit more? Of course you do

Ok, part rant, but part practical point. We get a lot of mail asking us to plug products or emails where we are just one recipient of a generic mass mailout. Here's an idea…engage with us.

We don't bite and we are really quite nice. We are also real people, writing about things we are passionate about. With that in mind, we don't mind a chat or some interaction. Try it - if it's relevant to our sites, we'll get right back to you.

Right now, our inboxes are fit to burst with email, but very little of it is actually directed at us specifically or alternatively, written with much enthusiasm. Worst of all, we get a lot of emails from SEO middle men or women. They're definitely the worst of the bunch.

We would love you to email is with an idea for a promotion, with discount codes, with idea for competitions/giveaways or simply with enthusiasm for a product and some reason why our readers would love it.

That's all we ask. I'm sure I'm not alone in that. I suspect everyone who runs a website or magazine feels the same. The personal touch and some enthusiasm will get you a long, long way.


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