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If you are looking for something specifically, do you rummage throughold copies of lifestyle magazines or last week's newspaper? Of course not. You probably do a web search - and there's a good chance you might hit one of the Mod Culture sites. A couple of million page impressions each month says as much. 

All of our sites are read by a large number of people on a daily basis, with our older stories regularly picked up by the major search engines, as we're incredibly search engine friendly. Which means it's worth your while to get featured on our sites if you want attention and traffic.

The vast majority of things featured on the sites are sourced by the team of writers, but we're always happy to have products and events flagged up by sites, PRs, companies and individuals. How do you get to the top of the pile and get featured? Read on for the 10 things you need to consider both for us, as well as other sites and blogs you might deal with...

1. We like to be hands-on

A photo and a two-paragraph press release often just isn't enough. For example, how do our fashion writers know the fit and quality of clothes? Indeed, how do we know the quality of anything? How can we rate a book if we haven't read it? Or a DVD if we haven't seen it? You might have an audio system, but if it's all about sound quality, how can we say 'it's great' if we haven't heard it? We sometimes need to be hands on.

For modestly-priced items, you can afford to send them over. It's a small price for being promoted online. For larger items, we've been journalists long enough to know you'll probably have a press loan system. If we get hands on - and the product is good - you've got more of a chance of us raving about it. Just ask for our address or check the Modculture Media contacts page for it. Always ask before sending anything though.

2. Get a press site or have images easily available

Online stores these days have improved in some ways, but lost their way in others. The obsession with Flash and 'zooming in' means that it is tough to find a large image we can work with. Which often means we can't feature you.

Please have someone available to send large images or get a regularly-updated press site / Flickr account for image downloads. Some major brands still haven't grasped this, despite our constant nagging - and nagging from others too we would guess.

3. Send us the right information

To write a decent article, we need the right details to hand. If it is available, we need a price and a place to buy. If it's not, we need a release date and ideally, a place to find out more. But above all, we need full details of the product - and a decent image (see above).

The more information we have, the better chance there is of us featuring something.

4. Be available for follow-up emails or calls

Sometimes we get told of some really interesting products, but as above, we just don't have enough detail to do a feature. Alternatively, some details might lack clarity to us. We really don't want to misrepresent you in any way, so we'll probably follow-up.

At times, we've chased up mailshots and heard nothing back. Please have someone on your email who can send over details, answer questions or send images. It's for your benefit. If not, we'll just move on and feature something else.

5. Target your emails

The Retro To Go inbox alone currently has thousands of unread emails. They come in faster than we can read them and to be honest, most are irrelevant to the site. All the other sites have a similar problem.

Please only send things relevant to the site you are sending to, it helps us and it saves your valuable time. Also, only send it once. We do try to read everything, but multiple emails in particular (same thing to every site for example) slow us down.

6. Don't automatically add us to your mailing list

Related to the point above really. Sometimes we're happy to be added to a regular mailout and at times, we add ourselves to some to keep up with developments. But all too often, our sites are automatically added to mailing lists, sometimes up to five times or more and for things that we don't really have any interest in.

Please ask us before you add our address(es) to your mailout lists. We often say 'yes', but it is nice to be asked and helps us keep on top of the inboxes. If we have to do mass unsubscribes, we will never feature you.

7. Everyone loves an exclusive. Or at the very least, to be in the mix

Ok, we know we've not got a hope of getting ahead of the glossies and dailies (even though some of our sites have a larger readership than some of the 'name' magazines), but we do like to be in the mix when you have something interesting.

If you do have something new, interesting or relevant, please let us know at the same time as everyone else, not a couple of weeks later, when you might be looking for an extra line or two on your weekly PR report. Unless you've done an exclusive deal with a magazine - in that case, we know it can't be avoided.

8. Promotions and competitions

We are always keen to run competitions, as well as keen to offer our readers discounts where possible. Both are cheap ways for you to get promoted and for you to sell more items.

Get in touch if you want to run a competition on any of our sites. We do have a minimum price value (we don't run competitions for a single book or CD for example), but we are flexible and competitions are a great and affordable way for you to do some promotion. It's also great to offer our valued readers something for nothing too.

Likewise, if you can offer discounts and discount codes, that's always a bonus. Again, it's great to offer our readers something extra in the current climate. Just get in touch to find out more.

9. Press shows, launches, events - it's good to talk

We have writers based in the north of England and in London and Brighton, so if you are having an event, a product launch, a showcase, a press day or anything else in those areas, please get in touch as we might be able to pop by, say 'hello', meet you and see what you have and what you are doing first hand.

Just get in touch with the relevant site and we'll try our best to get down if it's relevant to us.

10. Finally, we have an editorial policy

Our sites aren't just popular because of what we write about, it's just as much about what we don't write about. We don't write about things because they 'might fit in' with the site, we write about things we like and are genuinely interested in. It's the only way to maintain integrity.

That means we don't feature content or link to things for SEO purposes, we don't do advertorial, we don't stick up things to make up the numbers and above all, we don't link to people 'as a favour'. It's important, at all times, to feature things we believe in. We can't emphasise this enough.

With that in mind, please do not be offended if we do not feature your club night, event, product, website or anything else. We only have so many hours in the day and we have to make a judgement call.

But despite all of that...

...we always want to hear from you if you have anything of interest on the go and relevant to our sites. We're always appreciative of a 'heads up' and we genuinely value the vast majority of people we work with and who take their time to get in touch.

Hopefully the above points just will just make it easier for you to get in touch and get featured on the right site. See the contact us section of this site for details of how to get in touch with each of our sites.


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