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Retro To Go tops Britain's influential fashion bloggers


I find myself moaning about awards constantly, so I can't really start shouting that Retro To Go is one of Britain's most influential fashion blogs. Even though it apparently is.

According to the Most Wanted list, we're part of the 'Fashion 100', but not only that, we're number one, that's numero uno, when it comes to vintage and retro. We knew that anyway, but nice to get it in print.

It was apparently worked out via a 'bespoke algorithm' that takes into account the average number of visitors and considerations of a blog's influence across the web, such as the quantity and quality of sources that have referenced or linked to that particular blog. Anyway, we're top of the tree. And next time, His Knibs will hit the men's one with a vengeance. Trust us.

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Congrats!!!!That You are at the top of the tree...Hope it will continue ...Stella silk dress looks so sweet n pretty too... Thanks a lot for Sharing This wonderfull blog...

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