10 ways to get featured on any of the Mod Culture sites


If you are looking for something specifically, do you rummage throughold copies of lifestyle magazines or last week's newspaper? Of course not. You probably do a web search - and there's a good chance you might hit one of the Mod Culture sites. A couple of million page impressions each month says as much. 

All of our sites are read by a large number of people on a daily basis, with our older stories regularly picked up by the major search engines, as we're incredibly search engine friendly. Which means it's worth your while to get featured on our sites if you want attention and traffic.

The vast majority of things featured on the sites are sourced by the team of writers, but we're always happy to have products and events flagged up by sites, PRs, companies and individuals. How do you get to the top of the pile and get featured? Read on for the 10 things you need to consider both for us, as well as other sites and blogs you might deal with...

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Companies and PRs - fancy engaging with us just a little bit more? Of course you do

Ok, part rant, but part practical point. We get a lot of mail asking us to plug products or emails where we are just one recipient of a generic mass mailout. Here's an idea…engage with us.

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The Pros and Cons of Blog Awards

If you do a search of the social networks, you'll likely find the term 'blog award' somewhere nestled within. It's a growing phenomena, with online retailers and the printed media (most often) offering fame and fortune to blogs up and down the country. Is it a good thing? Well…

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In the press: Modculture featured in The Independent


This was the summer of the Olympics and to be honest, it was probably also the summer of Bradley Wiggins, Olympic gold medallist and Tour de France champion. Quite rightly, everyone has gone Wiggins mad - and Modculture was asked by The Independent to give some input on its feature.

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Cinedelica's is UK's 4th most influential film blog

Nice when someone gives you a pat on the back. Even better when you get told you're actually getting a point across. Which is obviously what Cinedelica is doing as the UK's 4th most influential film blog.

That's according to media inteligence company Cision, which monitors all the film sites and blogs out there, using their 'in-house methodology' to pick out the most influential, ranking accordingly.

Cinedelica is one of our less-heralded sites as a rule, so nice to see it getting some love.

Top 10 UK film blogs

Cinedelica website

Retro To Go gets talked up in the Good Web Guide


Not sure what's going on, but Retro To Go is getting a lot of positive feedback this week. Just a day after we were made part of fashion's influential elite, the site has now been flagged up in the Good Web Guide.

You can read Charlie Gladstone's glowing appraisal of the site above. We appreciate the love.

Good Web Guide website

Retro To Go tops Britain's influential fashion bloggers


I find myself moaning about awards constantly, so I can't really start shouting that Retro To Go is one of Britain's most influential fashion blogs. Even though it apparently is.

According to the Most Wanted list, we're part of the 'Fashion 100', but not only that, we're number one, that's numero uno, when it comes to vintage and retro. We knew that anyway, but nice to get it in print.

It was apparently worked out via a 'bespoke algorithm' that takes into account the average number of visitors and considerations of a blog's influence across the web, such as the quantity and quality of sources that have referenced or linked to that particular blog. Anyway, we're top of the tree. And next time, His Knibs will hit the men's one with a vengeance. Trust us.

Retro To Go website

His Knibs - men's classic style site launches


Hitting high on both our Modculture and Retro To Go sites is men's style, which is hardly surprising as there just aren't any good, dedicated, UK-based men's style websites - all the good ones are in the US, aimed very much at a US audience. So to fill this gap we've launched His Knibs.

His Knibs has a simple aim - to focus on cool and classic men's style. Not 'fashion', that's too short term and often driven by out of touch 'fashion' TV shows and magazines. Style is altogether more permanent.

Think heritage brands, new labels with a classic look, finds from around the world, plus accessories, books, web finds, features etc etc. The first content is online now - watch this one grow and grow.

His Knibs website